Wealth Rituals - Focused at the Union of

Entrepreneurship + Investing



Financial freedom

Opening moves

Handle all Bad Debt

Create a Retirement Plan

Save Enough Cash


the mid-game

Start an Investment Account

Buy Your First Property



Going for the win

Build Multiple Streams of Income

Active Investing & Cash Flow Real Estate

FINANCIAL EDUCATION just wasn’t something taught in school. If you asked your grandmother what is the path to success, she would probably say get a good job, buy a house and save for retirement. That’s a fine path, but it’s going to take you 45 years to become “retired” or financially free and that’s if you’re lucky! Do you want to wait 45 years for just a chance to get lucky?

There’s a group of motivated people out there who are willing to do more to achieve their goals in less time. WEALTH RITUALS uses a framework most people are familiar with – playing games. We start with BUDGETING. We learn how to save. We learn how to INVEST in existing businesses. And then, we learn how to create active investments. Every long-term goal comes down to what you do in your daily ROUTINES. Wealth Rituals is about what those daily routines should be to achieve the dream of FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


"With money, people get into trouble by tackling budgeting, saving, investing for retirement and eliminating debt all at once. It’s like trying to win a game of chess in one move. It doesn’t work that way.  Wealth Rituals is a step-by-step format with which we take you on the path to financial freedom". 

 Jake Ryan