Wealth Rituals is a guide that walks you through MASTERING Financial Literacy so You Don’t need a J-O-B! 


Financial education and literacy just wasn’t something taught in school. A lot of us are looking for something that’s shrinking in numbers – a job. The skills required to survive and thrive have changed. Some of you want the basics of finances and some want to go all the way, as you aspire to start a company. It’s time for the motivated to get a new education in the skills and methods to take control of you FINANCIAL FUTURES and win at the game of FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Wealth isn’t about how much money you have. Wealth is about how much control of your time you have. It’s about autonomy, self-­actualization and the life rituals needed to win at the game of money.
— Jake Ryan

What’s Compelling & Unique About Wealth Rituals?

• Educational - Wealth Rituals takes a holistic approach about money and addresses both investing & entrepreneurship, how they interact and relate

• Aspirational - We will walk you through successes, failures and lessons learned to motivate the aspirational

• Compounding – Later lessons and skills discussed build on earlier lessons and skills

• Evolutionary - We will address what’s changed in the world and what needs to be evaluated in the new model of money

• Mechanical - Wealth Rituals has follow game-style mechanics to help motivate you and organize the material


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