Hi, I am Jake Ryan

Founder and President of the Venice Consulting Group, Private Equity Advisor, Angel Investor and Writer on Investing.

As CEO, I managed a team of up to 60 employees in 2 offices\countries, with 5 direct reports including: sales, client services, ops, near-shore development & products. I led company to 65% annualized growth over 5 years by building continuously improvable frameworks for online marketing, sales pipelines, operations planning & management. 

Why Jake?

I began building my credentials at an early age. I started computer programming at the age of 9. At 14, I secured creative employment as a magician in a magic shop. At 15 I bought my first mutual fund and, at the age of 16, my first stock. The next milestone? Starting my first company at age 27.

Over time, I have invested in just about every type of investment known. I created 8 figures in total revenue from my companies, and have invested 7 figures in stocks and bonds over the years. Added to that, I sold 7 figures in real estate and private equity. I invest in companies and I am an accredited angel investor where I currently invest in 10 high-tech start-ups.

Financial Freedom

Who doesn't want to be Financially Free?

I am myself a part of a group that a lot more people want to be in – the FINANCIALLY FREE. I own my own business and control my own time. I take on the projects that interest me and avoid the ones that are uninspiring. I have assets that generate money, EVEN when I am NOT working. I have multiple streams of INCOME. I was asked to be an advisor on start-ups and invests in high-tech start-ups. All of these topics I discuss in my blog and make it truly aspirational, so you get a chance to RISE UP and CHANGE your LIFE towards direction you need. 

In my Wealth Blog I am going through all the levels it takes to truly WIN the GAME and declare financial freedom. This website is a blueprint for how to GET OUT of the rat race and become financial free in half the time or less than the traditional “retirement” model. It’s a long road and it’s not easy, but it’s a deeper path to SELF-AWAKENING, SELF-EXPRESSION, and YES, SELF-ACTUALIZATION.


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